"I wanted to create a simple and easy way
to connect musicians like me, to one another."


— Adam Quesnel, Founder of Muezy


What is Muezy?

    Muezy is a social community for people of all musical backgrounds, from just starting out to professionally performing. Literally anyone with any type of experience playing an instrument will fit into our community.


    New in town and need someone to jam with? Trying to find gigs to play at? Muezy is there for you! We provide the easy steps to connect local users together.




In todays market, the process of finding a reliable and credible jamming partner is not only difficult, but also inefficient and time consuming. A primary reason for this challenge has been the lack of a unified platform. Muezy can provide users with enough information on prospective jam partners in their local area, toward making educated and informed decisions. 


Our GOAL is to inspire new artists while creating a database with existing artists and connecting them with other local musicians.



Mission Statement

Uniting music enthusiasts by offering an easy web-based platform consisting of open forms and media sharing.  We encourage the establishment and presence of all local musicians.



Vision Statement

Within the next five years Muezy.com will be the top trusted musician hub for all local artist’s in the K-W Region.





Adam J. Quesnel
Adam J. Quesnel

CEO, Founder of Muezy


Adam started playing the guitar more than 10 years ago. Never playing professionally he still wanted to find similar artists he could play music with. After searching for weeks he found himself in the same spot he started in. Unable to connect with any potential musicians, the Muezy idea started a spark. Every night he would come home from his job to work through business plans and drawings. He wanted to create a simple tool used by any musician to start connections and expand on their music careers.


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The Bridge: Live Music Productions

Partner with Muezy


The Bridge is a local not for profit music bookings group created by Liv Gains and Dan Durocher. With the goal of creating a vibrant live music scene by connecting talent with venues, the Bridge has organized over 70 shows in the past year, and two annual River Clean Up events, with their third happening this may 2017. 


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Alicia E. Morris




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