What Is Muezy?

Muezy is an online social network consisting of local musicians and bands within the K-W community.


Is Muezy Free?

Yes, Muezy BETA is free to join!


Can anyone join?

Yes, literally anyone can join, that is the beauty of Muezy! Whether you just started thinking about getting into music or you’re a professional musician, the Muezy community welcomes you!


What is a Muezy Profile?

A Muezy profile is the heart of your Muezy account, it hosts all of your information, such as:

  • Name
  • Instrument(s) you play
  • Location
  • Genre
  • Equipment
  • Bio
  • Experience
  • Videos/Pictures

Having a profile can maximize your footprint in the Muezy community.


Why would I upload a Video or Picture?

Users upload videos and pictures to their profile so that the rest of the community can see the user’s talent. Whether it’s playing guitar in their room, or playing at live venues. We encourage the users to strengthen their profiles by adding videos and pictures of themselves!


What actions can I or other users do?

You and other users can connect with each other through the Muezy private chat, or any contact information you or the user provides in their profile.


Why would I or a user want to connect?

You or another user would want to connect with others to share and promote your talent to create a band, socialize or just comment on their profile, it’s really up to you what you want to do!


I'm worried about negative feedback.

Muezy has ZERO TOLERANCE for negative comments from a user in the community, it is written in our terms of agreement. The outcome of a user spreading negative feedback or comments will result in a ban from the Muezy community.


Can I use Muezy on my Smartphone or Tablet Device?

Of course! Muezy is mobile friendly so you can access the community where ever you go.


Does Muezy have an App?

Muezy does not currently have a App. The website is in BETA and the community is still growing. Once Muezy has a strong community it will put out a App at a future date.


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